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    Island Paradise

    I’ve been distracted lately.  The blog posts have not exactly been coming thick and fast.  And that is because for the last month I have been diving...

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    Land of Smiles

    I’ve been based in Bangkok for the last two weeks, and it has been a welcome change in pace after three full-on months of travel.

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    Hong Kong

    After a pretty gruelling trip through Russia, I was very happy to be back in Asia.  I was especially happy, because my next stop after Beijing was...

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    Trans Siberian

    It’s been quite a while since I left the balmy shores of Lake Bled, with its backdrop of castles, dramatic peaks and rolling green hills.  In fact,...

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    Bewitching Bled

    My final stop in the Balkans was Slovenia, the economic powerhouse of the former Yugoslavia and a charming country resembling Austria and Switzerland.  In fact, I couldn’t...

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    After being blown away by Dubrovnik I had high expectations when it came to Split and the Croatian islands.  Though I did enjoy my time on Brač, the...

I have a confession to make: I love Singapore.  Well, two confessions, actually…I also love tilt-shift lenses (and I apologise profusely for totally overusing tilt-shift images in this post, but I rented one for a day and figured I should make good use of it). Read More

In my mind Da Lat is an anomaly.  Situated 1,500m above sea level, and frequently facing prolonged periods of rain and overcast skies, the city is a good 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the country.  This temperate climate, and the fact that the French colonialists treated it as a country retreat to get out of the stifling heat of Saigon, makes the place feel oddly European. Read More

“Ok, now just remember to keep your feet pointed towards the ceiling, otherwise you could break your leg. Climb up to that one if you are feeling brave.” That is what is our guide shouted to me, standing waist-deep in a gigantic pool of mud half a mile inside one of the vast array of Karst mountains in Northern Vietnam. Read More

My next stop after Hoi An was the imperial city of Hue – former capital city of the Nguyen empire.  An impressive city with lots of atmosphere, you can tell that Hue has a rich history from the moment you set foot in it.  Unfortunately, however, it also feels a bit like a shadow of its former self – perhaps due to the near total destruction of the city by American bombs during the Vietnam War. Read More