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      Congratulations! Aurican Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. awarded the "Top Ten Preferred Hardware Brands" for many times.
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      In 2021, Aurican Company awarded the honor of Top Ten Preferred Brands of Hardware in the 16th AL-SURVEY Brand List of Building Doors, Windows and Curtain Wall Industry in 2020-2021 again, which is of great significance to establish the brand image of the company and improve the market competitiveness.

      Aurican continues to focus on the "creative value with quality" business philosophy, based on its own research and development strength, to make full use of scale advantage and brand advantages, improve product quality, enrich and upgrade products.  Aurican develops new products and new materials on industrial chain extension to enhance the competitiveness of the company in every link of the industrial chain, to achieve transformation, and to upgrade company and high quality development, finally based on the global goal of being top of the doors and windows hardware & fittings products industry .

      Aurican, as a professional window & door hardware accessories manufacturer and brand friction stay manufacturer, open the window for your happy life.

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