Island Paradise


I’ve been distracted lately.  The blog posts have not exactly been coming thick and fast.  And that is because for the last month I have been diving in the Philippines.

When you do 4 dives a day and then go to sleep, there is not an awful lot to write about, so it’s partly out of my hands!  I thought I’d do a simple photo essay of some of the shots I took between dives.

I am going back to the Philippines – to Palawan, for more diving and other adventures, in December.  Depending on the internet connection situation, I may do one or two posts before Christmas of the Philippines’ final frontier, but if not then they will come post-Christmas for sure.

But first, a teaser of the video footage (which I also need to edit properly at some point)…

IMG_4661 IMG_4695 IMG_4698 IMG_4699 IMG_4709 IMG_4715 IMG_4755 IMG_4759 IMG_4778 IMG_4786

5 Comments on “Island Paradise

  1. Looks incredible Reinard. Its always a pleasure to read your updates as they brighten up an otherwise dull London day!!!

  2. Hallo,
    die Fotos und vor allem das Video sehen phantastisch aus. Da kommt einem glatt die Lust auf das Tauchen wieder. Es muss herrlich sein.

  3. Beautiful Pics. I’m having a big smile watching them. I wish you a happy sunny Christmas! I spent it in Strasbourg so different atmosphere over there.
    Waiting for the next post…

  4. Amazing pictures! Looking at it from dull London’s perspective its is probably hard to be back:) Good luck!

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